Clash of Clans is the Most Popular MMO Game

Why Clash of Clans Rules Other MMO Games

There is no doubt that Clash of Clans is a great MMO strategy video game! The Supercell-owned mobile game has been received well by game enthusiasts for the years it has been available. According to the developer, the Android and iOS game is played by tens of millions of people every day. So why is the MMO game so popular? Well, read on to learn why the game has grown to rule this category of game.

Clash of Clans is the Most Popular MMO Game

Features Both Casual & Realism Visuals

In order to please both casual and hardcore players, the developer has equipped the game with both super-deformed, Japanese styled and realism visuals. The game now features characters that are appealing to both younger people and adults. Other elements have been polished, making them more cinematic and eye candy.

Developed with Usability in Mind

Before releasing the game, the developer strived to iron out everything in order to ensure the final product offers unmatched user experience. The game is quite user-friendly with a basic structure and functionality that remains stable and supportive. The social element of the game is pretty usable: players can chat to clan friends with no hassle.

Explained on a Simple Tutorial

Unlike other games that come with complicated tutorials, Clash of Clans hack has a simple tutorial that can be understood by anyone who is capable of reading. The tutorial explains clearly every nook and cranny of the game, and teaches players how to get started and handle other parts of the game.

Gets Boost from Other Games Developed by Supercell

According to the developer, the strategy game borrows some great features from Hay Day and Clash Royale. The developer describes this as a healthy competition that benefits the company and the user- players.

Updated Every Few Weeks

Clash of Clans gets regular updates which keep it fresh and challenging. It is usually updated with new characters, new items and new items, and the developer ensures that the new content doesn’t affect the working of the app. So the game is geting fine-tuned every now and then, something which is likely to make it better and more popular.